Adventures of Mark...

is the blog for me, humorist, performer, director, choreographer, and teaching artist, Mark D. Lingenfelter. It's a blog about finding the humor and the adventure in the every day.

I believe...

that every day is an opportunity for a new adventure.  I believe that adventures do not always need to be grand and big.  Adventures can be found in the mundane. Humor can exist in every moment.  Something funny happens to you every day.  

It all began...

when I used to write these little essays via email to my friends.  It was my way of staying in touch with people in the days before social media.  I thought the stories were only funny to people that knew me, but some people forwarded them onto their friends and I began to have email addresses of strangers added to my list. It was then that I realized my humor was universal.  It was several of these friends that encouraged me to put the essays into a solo performance piece; something I did and continue to work on in various forms.  

One day someone commented they liked the stories of my "little adventures" - and that is when I got the idea for calling them "Adventures of Mark".

What else?

In addition to my work as a performer, director, choreographer, and teaching artist, I have been a wrapper of gifts at a courtesy desk, a museum tour guide, an executive assistant, cold caller, auction handler, preacher's kid, Millionaire contestant, son, homosexual, neurotic, liberal, devourer of chocolate ice cream, Carol Channing lover, musical theatre history know-it-all, and an elf at Macy's.  I'm small town raised.

What next?

You can check out my writings and videos here on this site.  You can find out more information on my theatre work.  You can have me come to your theatre to do what I do.  You can write me fan mail